Osteopathy is an approach to healthcare that uses gentle manipulation to rebalance the whole body. It seeks to identify areas of the body that are restricted or constricted then gently ease these restrictions so that normal functioning can resume. It is based on a philosophy that the body will heal itself when obstructions to health are removed.

Not only is the original source of a dysfunction found and treated, but all “compensations” arising out of the dysfunction are addressed as well. Osteopathy is especially beneficial for the treatment of acute and chronic pain from injuries and other long-standing health disorders.

The patient participates in his or her own healing process by taking an active part in their recovery. As part of a treatment plan an Osteopathic Practitioner may recommend one or more lifestyle changes and it is important for the patient to work with the Practitioner to achieve the best results possible. This may mean changing an exercise regime, making different dietary choices or changing habit patterns that are linked to the disorder or disease. It is our firm belief that you should be treated with the utmost care, provided in the fewest number of visits possible. You will not receive unnecessary treatment, but it is important that you continue with your course of treatment even after the initial symptoms have improved.